Discus vase

Bottle shaped


H 38 x W 23 x D 13 cm View other works and artist info

Born in Munich in 1930; 1945-56 cooperation in the construction of the "Werkstatt Hohlt"; 1952-53 Munich, Academy of Fine Arts, sculpture with Prof. Toni Stadler, ceramics with Prof. Franz Eska, journeyman's examination; 1956-59 Höhr-Grenzhausen, State Engineering and Works School for Ceramics, Ceramics Engineer; 1959-64 run / Nuremberg, industrial activity; 1965 Katzbach / Rott am Inn, takeover of the workshop Hohlt; 1999 Visiting Professor at the Institute for Artistic Ceramics, Höhr-Grenzhausen


Görge Hohlt
Görge Hohlt ceramics at Modern Shapes Gallery