Simone Negri

Simone Negri was born in Milan in 1970. He graduated from the Instituto Statale d’Arte of Castelmassa and then deepened his research in the field of artistic ceramics by attending workshops and following numerous seminars.

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Accadimento 25
Simone Negri  

It develops its own interest in the creative processes in which the active interaction with the fire element is to contribute in a decisive way to the aesthetic-expressive result through a personal re-examination of the techniques of smoking with sawdust cooking. From 1998 he began to exhibit his works in public spaces and art galleries. His work gets notoriety in the Italian panorama of ceramics by the author thanks to the awards received in prestigious events, including the first prize won at the VI International Exhibition Albissola City of Art and Ceramics in 2008 at Albissola Marina and the first prize won at the IV National Competition of Ceramics in Cornaredo in 2010.