K. Benvenuti

Karine Benvenuti, born in 1959 in Marseille lives and works in the south of France. In recent years, Karine Benvenuti's work has emerged significantly in sculptural art ceramics. All the expression is focused on the surface, leaving the heart of the works out of our reach. The sculptures are all skin, as if the matter that carries them was stretched towards this single goal. Each piece plays with his companion while preserving its singularity.

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Sculptural ceramic diptyque
Karine Benvenuti  
Karine Benvenuti sculpture
Karine Benvenuti  
Ceramic Sculpture
Karin Benvenuti  
Cubic ceramic sculpture
Karine Benvenuti  

Contrasts in color, texture, dimensions, orientation. Each monolithic piece seems to levitate. The eye goes from one to the other. Using the rigor of these straight forms, Karine Benvenuti brings life into the structures, the firing coincidences, heterogeneous or smooth glazes. Every detail becomes a world, a light trap. Smooth, cracked, scratched, streaked, clear or deep black skins, life thrives. Karine Benvenuti is one of those artists who travels the sculptural art as one travels a territory. Research, experience, gesture. Three indissociable words. It is in and through the body that thought adjusts its distance, its strength, its lightness. These sculptures, united in pairs, are like a step in a Promethean process.