Gunhild Aaberg

Gunhild Aaberg is a renowned Danish contemporary artist and ceramicist based in Copenhagen. Many of Gunhild Aaberg’s ceramic artworks are found in museum and institutional collections inside and outside of Denmark.

Except from small artworks it takes Gunhild Aaberg weeks or even months to finish a ceramic artwork. She is focusing on her sculptures and art installations at the moment. When Gunhild is creating a sculpture she often spends weeks on handbuilding it inch by inch. She will continue to work on the shape until she is satisfied. In the process the sculpture will most likely be reshaped many times. If she is not satisfied with the shape, she destroys it. If the sculpture is not put to sleep, Gunhild will then focus on the surface using different hammering and scraping tools. The sculpture will then get different layers of slips and a little glace. In the process the sculptures is fired at least twice in a reduces atmosphere. Sometimes months of work can be destroyed in a single fire that reaches 1300 degrees Celsius.