Grégoire Scalabre
Grégoire Scalabre Mouvement Perpétuel
Grégoire Scalabre detail

Mouvement Perpétuel

Grégoire Scalabre - 2017

H 46 x W 63 x D 32 cm View other works and artist info

Sculptural work in ceramic and projected marble.
Focusing today on unprecedented convolutions, oscillating between physical fluidity and geometry, Grégoire Scalabre resolutely maintains a highly thorough craftsmanship which has henceforth become his signature, as well as a finely mastered savoir-faire. These creations constitute a new technical challenge, highlighted by the spraying of black marble powder and the metallic sheen of jasper-like bronze patina.


Grégoire Scalabre sculpture
Sculptural ceramic at Modern Schapes Gallery