Enric Mestre

Enric Mestre

Enric Mestre - 2019

Modern Shapes Gallery contributed to MODERN CERAMICS exhibition during Design September Brussels.

This exhibition is curated by Aurélien Gendras and Jean-François Declercq and will present great names in contemporary ceramic art at Area 42 during Design September Brussels 2019.

The first section of the exhibition will focus on contemporary sculptural ceramics made of sandstone into a unique piece by renowned artists from the international scene such as:

Enric Mestre, Lucien Petit, Juan Orti, Antonio Lampecco, Simone Negri, Gregoire Scalabre, Brigitte Marionneau, Bela Silva, Frédérick Gautier, Maarten Stuer, Piet Stockmans, Laurent Dufour, Mia Jensen, Pierre Martinon, Wayne Fisher, Clémentine Dupré, Denis Castaing, Abel Jallais, Nicolas Delaroche, Claude Aiello, Alain Berteau ...


Enric Mestre
Modern Ceramic exhibition