Helen Vergouwen corten steel

Helen Vergouwen

Untitled sculpture - 2014
Corten steel H 116 x W 37 x D 30 cm H 45.67 x W 14.57 x D 11.81 inch Available - Price upon request

The simplicity of these monumental works can be misleading. Vergouwen strives to achieve balance between all possible aspects: between closed and open, thick and thin, big and small, horizontal and vertical, round and straight, full and void. Characteristic for her work is the way she draws attention to what is not there. The open space plays as significant a role as the solid masses and there is a dynamic tension between the visible and non-visible forms. Little openings in the works not only reflect the surroundings but also let light in. As some surfaces light up and others remain in the shadows, depending on the position of the sun the structure is continually exposed to different highlights. 

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Helen Vergouwen
Corten steel sculptures