Andrew Clausen, Slab-study, IPE Slant - V3
Slab-study, IPE Slant - V3

Andrew Clausen

Slab-study, IPE Slant - V3 - 2021
Fiber reinforced cast concrete, archival ink transfer. H 13.5 x W 18 x D 2.6 cm H 5.31 x W 7.09 x D 1.02 inch Available - Price upon request

Fiber reinforced cast concrete, archival ink transfer.

Andrew Clausen (U.S.A., 1977) began his artistic training in the cooperative studios of Art City in Southern California. From there he traveled to Italy where for 13 years he worked alongside master artisans and developed his craft into a combination of conceptual ideas and refined use of materials. Cast concrete, metals, and composite materials such as carbon fiber are his primary mediums which are used to form works that span between minimalist thought-provoking objects to engaging fabrications. He currently lives and works in the city of Arnhem, Netherlands.

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Andrew Clausen
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