Karen Bennicke
Karen Bennicke
George Adilon
Karen Bennicke
Karen Bennicke
Karen Bennicke
Karen Bennicke



We are pleased to present SPACIAL COLLAGE
a solo show by Danish artist Karen Bennicke


03.11 - 20.11.22


03.11 - 04 PM - 09 PM
in presence of the artist


Modern Shapes Gallery
Museumstraat 29 - 2000 Antwerpen


For the past year, Karen has been working on works inspired by the architecture of  French architect and sculptor George Adilon.  More specifically the school of Saint-Marie in La Verpeilère built in 1976 . The play between the staggered elements that express both weight and interference, was translated by the artist into her own imagery resulting in the "Spatial Collage" series.

The French artist and architect Georges Adilon, born 1928 in Lyon, was an outstanding creator who produced an abundant and multi-faceted oeuvre hallmarked by a combination of different forms of visual expression, doing away with the boundaries between art and architecture.

Karen Bennicke's work is featured in many important international public collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Museum of Modern Ceramic Art in Gifu, The National museum of Stockholm and The Design museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. Bennicke describes her work as "constructions, reminiscent of architecture, that constitute a kind of form-bearing membranes between the exterior and the interior." She creates sensorial and complex geometric forms by looking at landscapes and urban structures. Her work rejects the traditional methods of making wheel-thrown ceramics in favour of a process of using moulds and hand-building with slabs of clay. It demonstrates a more unpredictable and experimental approach, as well as her concentration on conceptual and unadorned sculpture. Bennicke is one of Denmark's most boundary-defying artists, having been influenced by Italian futurism, Suprematism and the Bauhaus during the early stages of her career.